SWCC - 'The Mandalorian' Reveal Rockets 'Star Wars' Into The Streaming Age


The Sunday schedule for 'Star Wars' fans revolved around one thing: What did Jon Favreau have in store? What did it truly mean to be allied with fan favorite animation veteran Dave Filoni? Well it ended up being one of the core spectacles of Star Wars Celebration. Ladies and gentlemen, 'Star Wars' has entered the age of streaming. The war against Netflix has begun, and Disney is ensuring that their upcoming Disney+ platform is captained by quite an intriguing character. The show, which stars 'Game of Thrones' alumni Pedro Pascal in the title role, is still shrouded in mystery, but fans were still given quite a few treats.

Joining Pedro, Favreau, and Filoni on stage were Gina Carano and veteran actor Carl Weathers. The whole panel was energized, enthused, and passionate about their roles. We heard about Carano's character, a badass ex-Rebel shock trooper, and Weathers's character who can best be described as a resourceful benefactor of sorts. All of it was described appropriately through the lens of a western. It feels authentic to the traditions that George Lucas was following in the first place.

Now, I know what you're thinking: Was there any footage? And the answer is yes! Fans at the event were all treated a behind the scenes sizzle reel that included lots of action shots, creatures, costumes, and more. It looke dazzling, and easily movie quality. This is, appropriately, their answer to premium shows like 'Game of Thrones.' It doesn't look like a single penny was spared. And even better than that is the footage that NOBODY saw, except for those who were in the Wintrust Arena in Chicago. While walking around the convention, I heard whispers of two scenes, a trailer, and an appearance from a fan favorite old school character.

What do you think about this new development? Are you excited for Star Wars to make that jump from the big screen to your home theater? Let us know! And you can check out the panel below filled with everything that they want out there...at least right now!

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