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Paul Castronovo's "Road Rage" Rules


Road Rage It’s a freaking epidemic down here and it seems to be getting worse. Today on the Paul Castronovo Show, we were talking about the “shootout on the Rickenbacker”. Haven’t heard about it? One guy on a motorcycle shot a guy on a bike over “who knows what?” All I know is, one guys dead and why? We all need to drive, and like it or not, bikes are allowed to be on the road too, so deal with it. We are going to accidentally cut people off and people are going to also drive like assholes. So to avoid becoming a victom of Road Rage, follow these four simple rules.


1) If someone cuts you off, whether on purpose or accidently, scream out “You asshole!” At the top of your lungs. In your own car, where nobody can hear you. It’s primal and you won’t get shot.

2) If you accidently cut someone off and they flip you the bird, (you probably deserved it) So feel free to casually tell them to “Eff off” to yourself and give them the “Sorry, bro” wave. You won’t get shot

3) If you’re at a red light and you decide to update your FB profile and the light changes and you just sit there…you are an idiot and deserve to get honked at by the guy behind you. Don’t be the guy who walks back to the guy to say, “Why are you honking at me?” You deserved it. Just wave an apologetic “sorry” and go on with your life. You won’t get shot.

4) If the guy behind you has his brights on, do you really need to slam on your brakes in front of him because you’re pissed? Or maybe you’re driving like your Grandma in the fast lane and he flicks his brights at you….that’s ok! Move over slow poke! Don’t be a dick and you won’t get shot!

5) Go home and have a beer. You won’t get shot.

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