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Paul Castronovo's "Living In The Cone Of Death: Dorian Edition"

National Hurricane Center

Living in the Cone of Death: Dorian Edition

Here are the phases of Floridian reactions!

South Floridian 2 weeks out: “Did you see that thing Coming off Africa? It’s nothing.”

South Floridian 1 week out: “Well, it may be a One, but the mountains will kill it.”

South Floridian 6 days out: “It’s gonna hit Georgia.”

South Floridians 5 days out: “Honey, I’m going to Publix.”

South Floridians 4 days out: “Well, maybe it will turn North.”

South Floridians 3 days out: “Shoot, there goes the weekend.”

South Floridians 2 days out: “We need more beer!”

South Floridians 1 day out: “God, I hate putting up shutters!”

South Floridians Day Of - Choose One:

“I’m so freaking sick of the Weather Channel.”

“I’m drunk!”

“It went to the Carolinas!”

“God, I’m bored...”

“I should have bought a generator...”


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