Glitter Cranberry Sauce Is A Real Thing We Have To Deal With


Weird food trends and happenings must make up an enormous percentage of the internet. It feels like we're discovering something new every day. Well, Bustle has brought a new one to our attention: Glitter cranberry sauce. It's here, people. Just in time to make Thanksgiving a little stranger.

This new product comes from Firebox, a company that specializes in weird products like this. They embrace irony and oddball ideas, and it's honestly kinda great. The description on their site reads: "This cranberry sauce takes the biscuit, every time. Just look at it. It’s glittery! Packed with a mad level of edible shimmer, if this doesn’t scream 'CELEBRATION!' at the top of its lungs then nothing does."

What do you think? Let us know! Would you try it?

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