Pennywise Reigns: 'It: Chapter Two' Opens To $91 Million U.S. Debut

'It: Chapter Two'

'It: Chapter Two'

It was a great weekend for the horror genre because Pennywise the clown is back! It: Chapter Two, the sequel to the 2017 adaptation of Stephen King's legendary novel, has arrived. As reported by THR, the film crushed at the box office. It made $91 million domestically, and another $94 million internationally. That's a worldwide total of $185 million!

That's a pretty awesome number. Now, it isn't as good a number as the opening for the first film, but it's still a huge win for the horror genre. And now both installments sit atop the highest grossing horror films list, at #1 and #2. What an awesome time to be director Andy Muschietti!

If you've stayed away from any footage, we'll give you a chance to be brave and check out the trailer below:

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