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Castronovo Musings: Who's The D-Bag?



While sitting in an airport lounge recently, enjoying a cold beer and waiting patiently (okay, panicking that I wouldn’t be late) for my next flight, my serenity was interrupted by a businessman talking extremely loud into his phone. Unfortunately, he had one of those Bluetooth attachments, like some kind of Terminator cyborg stuck in his ear. I learned all about his business (some boring distribution thing in Alabama), and he just didn’t care that everyone within 20 feet of him could hear everything he was saying. It annoyed the crap out of me! It’s difficult enough to maintain your sanity in airports, and he made it worse. Seriously, Bluetooth guy, do you just not care at all about your fellow travelers? So I posed this question on the Paul Castronovo Show: Who else is a D-Bag that drives you insane?

1) The texting and driving person. He or she is driving slower than they should and weaving all over the road…right in front of you. A) it’s illegal now and B) I bet the text is something really important like, “Pick up some celery”. Put the phone down DB.

2) Mr. “I have no idea that the left lane is the passing lane” guy. Oblivious to anything else going on around him, this idiot doesn’t want you to get home and has no idea that you are passing him on the right while calling him a tool.

3) The “I’m gonna crank my music with my windows down at the gas station guy." Sadly, this guy has the worst taste in music. You never hear Soundgarden coming from that guys car windows.

4) The person in front of you in line at the take out window who…just….isn’t…sure….what…he…wants….to…order! "I’ll have the, um…chicken sandwich…no, the roast beef…does that come with chips?" Hurry up! I have to get back to work, WTF?

5) The talking during the movie guy. This guy feels the need to comment after every scene, or worse yet, explain the movie to his girlfriend, who apparently isn’t exactly a member of Mensa. It’s a Keanu Reeves movie for crying out loud, shut up!


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