Castronovo Musings: Let's Talk Zombies


Apparently, I’m not the only one who fantasizes about a world taken over by zombies as in a zombie apocalypse. Sure, I love The Walking Dead, and I sort of like Fear the Walking Dead. I loved Universal’s Halloween Horror nights, especially with their take on TWD…I thought it was brilliant. I love the Romeo movies (Night of the Living Dead, etc) and even the Brad Pitt World War Z movie was pretty good too. But on the Thursday edition of the Paul Castronovo show, we posed the question, where would you go and what would you do in a zombie apocalypse and once again: I love our audience! You guys bought in!

My first thought was: I am a boater, fuel up and, since zombies (at least in the Walking Dead, don’t swim) you will be sort of safe, although they do float and could theoretically float up to you and climb on board. BUT, what if you got to an uninhibited island in the intracoastal? You’d be safe…for a while, but where would you stay and what would you eat once you ran out of supplies? So, then I thought: Bimini! Only 60 miles away in the Bahamas. Plenty of fish and lobster around that you could get while snorkeling to sustain your life…not sure how much fresh water there is, but boy if you could fortify the Hilton at Resorts World Bimini, you could enjoy world class views and comfortable accommodations BUT what about the people of Bimini? There’s a bunch and you’d have to fend off the zombies and then worry about safe snorkeling.

Then a listener said: What about Hard Rock Stadium? It’s secure. Probably a ton of food somewhere in that giant building, your family can enjoyu a nice luxury suite to live in and In case of a hurricane, it ain’t going nowhere, BUT You are in Miami Gardens and there’s a LOT of bad gusy in Miami Gardens and if the bad guys survive the apocalypse, they will be even badder guys that will want to take your stuff and your luxury suite. That leaves one place: Disney World. All the food you’d ever want. Surrounded by lakes, there’s hotels, restaurants, generators, fuel, and I bet very secure. So, if the zombie apocalypse comes, I am going to Disney World! Who’s with me?

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