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Castronovo Musings: My Pathetic Halloween


Halloween! Gina and I, the sad empty nesters that we are, got ready for Halloween, we pulled out the motion activated scary noise maker that makes ghost sounds when you go by. Loaded candy by the door. Gina put scary skeleton makeup on, I put on my Yankee jersey. We opened a bottle of Sapphire Hill Cab, a 2013 had a nice salad with some grilled chicken and waited! At about 6:30 6:45, the doorbell rang! Showtime! We grabbed the candy, I put on my hat, and opened the door!

It was the Amazon delivery truck, bummer. False alarm. Sat back down, lured some wine, finished dinner and the doorbell rang again!

Same routine and this time, paydirt. 6 kids, and two parents sheepishly waiting a few feet back, kids were picking out what they wanted. “Can I have the Twix? I want the snickers” then the parents, “Thank, can we get a selfie?”

Back inside, it’s now 7:15, start cleaning kitchen, I sit down to check email, pour glass of wine, doorbell! It’s on people...we got this.

Ready! It’s my neighbor Ira, “Boy it’s pretty dead out here, you got any of that rum?” Poured him a papas and sent him on his way. 7:30, Doorbell...”we got one!”

4 kids, two parents...parents were dressed up with their kids, which I loved. Sent them away, we still have enough candy to feed all of East Boca and portions of Delray. 

Sat there and finished the wine, Gina and I started looking at pictures of Halloween’s in the past, where we had hundreds of kids coming to the door, called my parents to reminisce about the old days, and finally called it at 8:00 pm.

Grand total, 10 kids, 4 parents an Amazon driver and Ira.

Gina washed off her scary makeup, I hit the man cave and fell asleep watching Thursday night football and an episode of The Purge. Sad. Here's to Thanksgiving!

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