Castronovo Musings: The 'OK Boomer' Phenomenon

OK Boomer

By now you’ve heard the expression “Ok Boomer." According to the NY Times, it’s how the younger generation replies to cringe worthy YouTube videos, Trump Tweets, and basically anyone over 30 who says something condescending to them or about the issues that are important to them. Now, I’m no longer 30 (I bet you have a few jokes that would slide very nicely in here), but I’m also not part of the “get off my lawn generation”. The fact is, this isn’t new; the older generation has annoyed the generation below them since the beginning of time. I bet there was a caveman somewhere grabbing his cavewoman by the hair and dragging her into his cave, while some generation-Jurassic teen rolled his eyes while eating a brontosaurus leg in the back of the cave. As someone from the older generation who is aware that the younger generation can learn from us, we can also learn from them! trust me, I work with a bunch of the know-it-alls! All kidding aside, it has been an absolute joy watching the future generation of South Florida radio stars put up with me. Thanks Alden, Heather, and Mike! Sorry Toast, you’re closer to me.

Check out "OK Boomer" being used in the wild by New Zealand lawmaker Chloe Swarbrick:

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