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Is Dan Mullen's Wife Being Creepy?

So, there was a vigorous debate on the show this morning concerning a story that was published about University of Florida Head Coach Dan Mullen's wife Megan and her gameday interaction with Florida Gator football players. If you haven’t read it, here's a link to it [Dan Mullen's Wife is Creepy]…I'll wait.

Still waiting…

Seriously, you need to read faster…

Okay, so first let me say that personally, I'm sure all of this is completely innocent on her part. She has been doing this for years and doesn’t even realize it's a thing. Fine. I get that. I believe the phrase is 'OK Boomer'

But it is a thing Boomer…

Regardless of whether or not you have an issue with what she's doing, the optics on this are awful on a number of different levels. We may want to pretend this is just the Head Coaches wife giving a hug and an innocent kiss to players, but it can, and is, being seen by others as much more.

First, the sexual harassment aspect. I used to have a boss who was in his 60's, he saw no issue with walking up behind female employees and giving them a shoulder rub. There was a time when this type of behavior was accepted…this isn’t that time. You need to stop it or you're getting sued and fired.

Second, whether you like it or not, there is a total racist angle to this as well. While I appreciate the debate we had today, it was a very white debate and we need to realize that there are serious, historical racist tropes that come into play here. We may not see that, but if African Americans do, perhaps us white folk should stand back and listen to them.

Third, what if a player says, 'please don't touch or kiss me'. Is his place on the team in jeopardy? Is his scholarship? These players have zero leverage in this situation…what are they supposed to do if this makes them feel uncomfortable?

Here's the reality for Megan Mullen. Just stop. While you may feel this is innocent and fine, it's obvious that a certain segment of the population is reading this in a completely different way, a way that's offensive to them. So, stop. Just Stop.

Besides, pretty sure there's completely, non-offensive ways for Mrs. Mullen to show her love for the players as they get off the bus. Ya' know, handshakes, high fives, fist bumps…things that don't involve her lips.

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