Castronovo Musings: What I Want For Christmas

Papas Pilar Rum

Well it's the holiday season and I keep seeing these commercials all over for the latest craze in getting in shape: the Peloton. And damn, I gotta say, everyone that rides these things is skinny and hot. When I was cycling outside, maybe 5 to 6 days a week, I was in the best shape I’d been in in a long time. The problem was, people around me started getting run over by drivers that don’t give a sh*t about people on bikes, or people their texting someone and not looking. It only takes a split second to kill someone on a bike, so I quit going. That and I’m a bit lazy. So, that brings me back to the Peloton. I brought it up to Gina, my wife and she said, “If that’s gonna motivate you to get in shape, let’s get one!” Well, that was easy...until Heather told me how much they cost. From $2,245.00 with the membership priced separately. Seems a bit pricey when you include the classes and monthly fees (which come out to roughly three grand the first year and nearly $500 a year after that). Do you know how many bottles of Papa’s Pilar Rum that would buy? Decisions.

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