Castronovo Musings: A Husband's Christmas Struggle

Paul Castronovo

Christmas lights ? Ba humbug!

Every now and then I try to be a good husband, and Sunday was that day. “Let’s pull out the Christmas lights, put up the tree, and maybe you can assemble that chair you bought me for my birthday, today." My wife Gina said this in a run on sentence delivered bright and early at 7:00 am.

“Great, there’s nothing I like better than untangling lights and carrying boxes in 80 degree weather.” I didn’t say that, I said, “Great idea, honey...happy to help." I have one rule when it comes to this stuff, and it’s “no ladders." I have a buddy who is an orthopedic surgeon who said, “Aside from cross fit and skiing, middle aged guys falling off ladders keep him in business, and business is good." I said, “Can we pay the lawn guys to put up the lights?” That got me the stink eye, and the “we are trying to save money” speech. Okay, I got the tree up, and’s fake. Lights were almost up...and then it was time to put the chair together.

Why can’t Jeff Bezos and his Amazon flunkies assemble the damn thing before it arrives?! It took hours, but I did it. I’m not allowed to sit in it, but it’s done. What do you think? Give me some "good spouse" stories!

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