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Paul Castronovo PSA: Take Down Your Christmas Decorations

Castronovo Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas, now take down your stuff. I know, it’s a lot of work (and it’s a lot easier to just kick back and watch TV), but at some point you have to make the move. I mean, it's already 2020! Let's talk about this.

My next door neighbor hasn’t even thought about it…and they’re Jewish! The place is lit up like Vegas. He saw me out there busting my hump over the weekend, “Hey Paul, Watcha doin’?" He said. Meanwhile, I have strings of Christmas lights under one arm, and a ladder in the other. “Making pizza, Ted, what about you? I sarcastically responded”.

I love “that” time of year. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s, it’s the best. The food, the parties, people are festive, there’s stuff going on all over the place and the lights and decoration (and the presents) put people in a good mood. But if the lights and decorations were up all year long, we would take them for granted, right? So, let’s get them down. By Sunday.

There are some neighborhoods, that they just leave them up without turning them on year round, and while I admire their avoidance of any semblance of manual labor, it’s freaking lazy and that’s coming from the king of lazy, me! Trust me, I didn’t want to spend 3 hours Saturday and 3 hours of my Sunday removing lights and the joy that came down with it.

When we finally got down taking everything down and had everything in boxes and stuffed into my over flowing garage, my wife looks at me and says, “That’s it, we’re not doing that ever again”. Until next year!

Happy New Years (or is it just "year")?

Love, Paul Castronovo

Castronovo Christmas
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