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Castronovo Musings: Why We Should Root For Ryan Tannehill

Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens

You can’t make it up, but Ryan Tannehill is one game away from the Super Bowl. No, not with the Miami Dolphins, but wouldn’t that be a hoot? No, Ryan “I had a hard time staying healthy while I was here because we didn’t have an offensive line” Tannehill is one game away from the Super Bowl with the Titans, and you know what? We should root for him!

First of all, Ryan was a great guy while he was here. As co-chair of the Miami Dolphin fishing tournament, I got to spend a weekend with him every year and we would see each other at the training complex and he was nothing but cool. People are screaming things like "HE NEVER DID ANYTHING WHEN HE WAS HERE!" And you know what? I was probably one of those guys at times. We never felt he was a guy that could put the team on his shoulders like Dan Marino did and with two minutes left on the clock, go down, and win the game for you. Yeah, no…that’s probably NOT who Tannehill is…or is it?

He led the NFL in a bunch of categories this year, and like it or not, he’s four quarters away from the Super Bowl! If you have any sense of humor at all, if you like to snicker at goofy things, if you feel that all the bad mojo the Dolphins have been dealing with over the past 20 years has to go away, then it has to end with Ryan Tannehill as a Super Bowl Champion. Remember this: The one year (2016) that Ryan got the Fins to the playoffs (we were blown out of the water in Pittsburgh because Tannehill was injured and couldn’t play) we had Jay Ajai as our workhorse running back, and Ryan did what he needed to and got us to the playoffs. Sound familiar? Derrick Henry is the Titans' version of Jay Ajai, and in my opinion, they're going all the way. Who’s with me?


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Tannehill Meme

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