FYI: Your Cheeto Dust Covered Fingers Are Actually Called 'Cheetles'

Cheetos brand is making waves in 2020. They kicked off the New Year with an announcement that NO ONE expected. You know that fun residue left behind after eating the snack? We've always just called it 'Cheeto Dust'. Well, Chester Cheetah schooled us and let us know that the official name is 'Cheetle'.

It turns out they've even had the word 'cheetle' trademarked for 15 years, but they always just used it internally . . . until now. Quote, "It became clear from our fans the special interest they had, so we knew it was time to share our beloved name."

Since that revelation, the brand has gone on to announce their new product 'Cheetos Popcorn'. It is popcorn covered in 'Cheetle' and it looks DELICIOUS!

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