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Paul Castronovo Musings: Castrocorona or Castronovirus?

How I spent my weekend as the world collapsed around us, part 1.

Because of my ridiculous hours, waking up in the middle of the night, always tired, etc. I normally don’t go out during the week. Come Friday and Saturday, I’m freaking ready to go (drink, restaurants, sports, fishing, party etc).

We have lots of friends, family etc and have a pretty healthy social life. Until this weekend.

“Any of your friends coming by to go on the boat can’t come in the house to use the bathroom, or make a drink, keep them outside please, I don’t know where they’ve been.” Said my wife. Welcome to life in Corona-hell.

Friday night:

Late afternoon workout, wiped every piece of equipment down, removed gym clothes immediately upon entering the home. I’m probably going to avoid the gym until things get back to normal, and I think that will be a while. I’ve got some weights and a bike at home, so we will see.

Because of my grocery hoarding the night before, we have plenty of food. I bought a bunch of chicken, salmon, and other things, froze some stuff, and fired up the grill. A couple of salmon filets, and some scallops, a nice bottle of wine, and passed out on the couch watching Al Pacino tear up the screen on Prime Video in “Hunters”.


It’s gotta be safe on the water, right? Me and two pals went fishing. My boat is 36 ft long, so we were able to stay apart from each other. I don’t know where these guys have been. 😉 Fishing was slow but we ended up with a big old 10lb Mutton snapper, so we salvaged a day.

We made my friends leave around the side of the house, I drank some Papas Pilar and coconut water, watched the Social Network (I love that movie) took a nap, went to the gym, then headed to Fresh Market for some butter and lemons, we were grilling some King Crab legs, that were a gift from Joes Stone Crab for my birthday. Thank you Joe’s!

Killed a bottle of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, watched two more episodes of Hunters , and passed out.

Now it’s Sunday. Gina just said, “maybe if we are stuck inside for the next two months, we should do a puzzle”. Oh God.

I’m gonna go back on the boat, maybe catch another snapper, and grill up yesterday’s bad boy.

Now, honestly, with businesses all over the place closing (Apple closed all stores worldwide), I’m wondering when my company is going to make some announcements, either way, I’ll be on the air...fingers crossed.

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