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Paul Castronovo Musings: What To Watch

With the prospect of being quarantined or self-quarantined, looming, what can we do to avoid going nuts? Watch TV, Movies and Stream your brains out. Here’s some stream of consciousness ideas from the mind of yours truly!

Paul Castronovo’s “binge watching while you’re stuck home self-quarantining” ideas:

Why not binge watch those shows that you have always wanted to but never got around to it? Like,The Soprano’s. One of the greatest series in history. An epic Mob tale that really started the greatest era in TV History. It’s like the Godfather and Goodfellas had a baby….

Then there’s Breaking Bad! So you can watch Breaking Bad, and slide right into Better Call Saul, the follow up, brilliant series, both from AMC. You like a good meth story set in New Mexico, with kingpins and corruption and good guys and a lot of bad guys? You won’t be able to turn off either of these gems.

The Mandalorian on Disney Plus, if you’re Star Wars fan, this will be right up your alley… And how about those people who have never seen any of the Star Wars movies? Now would be a great time to watch those. I mean, I can’t relate to those of you that have never seen a Star Wars movie, but boy you could really kill some good time watching them, Heathers note: (and she says this is the correct way to watch them) Watch them in release order starting with Episode 4, A New Hope, which is actually the first movie ever, from 1977. But you could theoretically start with Rogue One, which sets up the series and was a prequel, but it came out a couple of years ago, confused? You should be.

Then there’s James Bond. I grew up in the Roger Moore era (cool, lady killer and lots of gadgets), but Sean Connery (Suave, lady killer, the best) is widely considered the greatest Bond ever. All that being said, Daniel Craig (The Grittiest of them all, he could beat all the other Bonds asses) is a bad ass and almost all the Bond movies are spectacular. Try Goldfinger, Skyfall, From Russia With Love, Casino Royale, and The Spy who Loved me. That’s a good start.

The Walking Dead: I don’t care what you say…this show still delivers. Someone recently said to me that it had “jumped the shark” can a show about a zombie apocalypse, jump the shark? It’s all made up! A scary situation (much like we are in now), only instead of just dying they come back and eat you; a group of people trying to survive and a lot of bad guys getting in their way. Go for it and thank me later.

Lost: Never watched it when it was on TV? While the ending has been debated for years, the first few seasons were remarkable television. It’s the one show that had people talking about it the next day at work…for years!

The Stand: Stephen Kings epic novel was also a very good miniseries. I would suggest reading the book, I first read it in high school and numerous times since, and then…when the series came out, it was fun to watch the characters come to life. What’s it about? Oh, it’s an end of the world type scenario with a group of people that find each other and then go after…him.

Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld, from the mind of Larry David. If all the virus stuff is freaking you out, get a few laughs! I still to this day watch at least one Seinfeld a day, and with Curb, you can do what I do and play Curb roulette. Pick a season and an episode number, like season 6 episode 4. You won’t be disappointed but you will crack up laughing!

Streaming Honorable mention: Ozark; Jack Ryan; The Morning Show

Movies: Ferris Bueller’s day off; A Few Good Men; The Fugitive; Scarface

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