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How To Host A Virtual Easter Egg Hunt For Your Family

Easter is this Sunday and it’s going to be different this year, but that doesn’t have to stop our holiday traditions. We can’t get together with loved ones in person, but we can still celebrate together virtually. Don’t want to miss out on the annual Easter egg hunt? Here’s how to put together a virtual one the kids will love.

·Set up a time and place - Make a plan for your virtual Easter egg hunt and let your loved ones know when to “arrive.” You can keep it simple and send them a text, or step up your virtual holiday party game and go all out with an Evite.

·Make sure everyone has some goodies - The best part about the egg hunt for kids is cracking open those plastic eggs to see the treat inside. So make sure your attendees have some treats on hand to give to the kids after the virtual egg hunt is over.

·Prepare your Easter eggs - Time to fill those eggs you’ll be hiding. You may be the only person eating the candy inside, but it makes it more real for the kids participating.

·Figure out your technology before the big day - You can use the video chatting program of your choice, like FaceTime or Zoom, to host your virtual egg hunt and you’ll probably want to do a test call with your attendees before Easter to make sure everything will run smoothly.

·Hide the eggs - Before your egg hunt starts, you’ll need to hide all those eggs in places that are easy to spot on camera so the kiddos can find them.

·Be the best hunt leader you can be - Once everyone is logged in to your video chat, start exploring the backyard, home, or wherever you’re hosting your virtual egg hunt. Wander around slowly with the camera facing out to see what you’re seeing. When the kids call out an egg they see, get closer and show your hand picking it up and putting in the basket. If you can have a separate basket for each participant, even better.

·Count up the eggs and enjoy a treat - After all the eggs are found, count them up and show the kids how many they got. You can crack them open on the call so you can show them the treats inside and parents can divvy up treats for them at their house.

Source: Woman's Day

Photo: Getty Images

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