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Paul Castronovo Musings: Holy Mother of God

What did you expect? Did you see what happened on day 1 of the boat ramps reopening?


Here’s just one example at Crandon Park Marina:

Crandon Park Marina

Black Point Marina was just as bad.

Now for non-boaters, understand, boat ramps are a mess on a normal weekend, it’s just not that easy for every weekend warrior to properly back up a boat on a trailer. I couldn’t do it, so I bought a house on the water. So after boaters were stranded for 8 weeks, during the best weather in months, you knew it was going to be amusing...except for the hundreds that never got their boats in the water.

On average, I’d say it takes about 15 minutes to get the boat in the water, lined up, backed in, unpacked, tied up etc. with lines about 5 miles long, I figure that if you were halfway back, you should be able to get your boat in the water by August.

Not sure why local Government thought shutting down boat ramps was the right thing to do, granted I’ve seen more than my share of Covidiots on vessels during the pandemic, it just didn’t seem fair that if your boat was already in the water that you could use it and others were penalized.

That being said, some of the scenes I saw on Lake Boca in the intracoastal during a “stay at home” order looked like 4th of July weekend.

So now the boat thing is behind us, will we act like responsible adults or Covidiots?

Well, this is Florida.

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