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Captain Bouncer Smith Retires

Captain Bouncer Smith retired after 52 years as a charter captain in Miami. Nobody has done more for the industry and fishing conservation than The IGFA Hall of famer.

The Miami fishing community came out via boat and paid their respects to the legend with a parade of boats, and yours truly roasted him!

Here are my roast jokes:

Today we celebrate the storied career of legendary miami fishing legend , captain Bouncer smith whose first charter ....Jesus Christ....was actually Jesus Christ!

Ya see Bouncer has been at it a long time .

Little known fact, he’s actually older than the old man and the sea

We tease Bouncer but the man was a pioneer in the sport fishing community, some

Of his early advancements include the fish hook, which he fashioned out of left over chicken bones .

He once berated a man for catching one of his beloved tarpon under the dock by his boat, “hey man, you in the black hat, those are our pets, we don’t fish for them” said Bouncer, President Lincoln was none too thrilled that day...

Little known fact, there was a time Bouncer was running three charter boats, imagine that? Three boats, but you didn’t come here to hear about the Nina the pinta and the Santa Maria....

One time while on a charter in the mid Atlantic region, actually on the Delaware River, he yelled at a customer and rightfully so, the customer was standing in the bow, Bouncer was like, “Hey, man, I’m in charge here... So, general Washington stepped down, “safety first”

Bouncer has had a lot of different jobs Over the years, he started out as a deckhand on a wooden ship, that had some notoriety in its day, the Mayflower!

He coined the term “avast yee matees”

Captain Bouncer Retirement Parade

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