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Mike's Awful List of the Week: The Cars of South Florida that Annoy Me Most

10.) The “I just got my first Mustang or Dodge Challenger” guy that feels the need to race from one stop light to the next.

9.) The Tesla driver; I’m annoyed by anyone that drives any kind of Tesla, period. They’re like the hardcore Apple product elitist, but of the car world.

8.) BMW owners. I don't think I really need to explain this one.

7.) The idiots that got a nice BMW then tinted it themselves and now have those awful bubbles all over their windows.

6.) The classic Florida redneck pick-up truck… always lifted (probably poorly), with tires that extend well beyond the wheel well, occasionally with stacks, and of course with the mandatory “Salt Life” & “FloGrown” stickers on the back windshield.(They typically travel in packs.)

5.) The murdered out pick-up truck guy, with gun metal paint, black rims, a brush guard, and spot lights that wishes he was in some vigilante paramilitary group.

4.) The classic Jeep, “Mall Crawler.” This is the guy that for some reason got a Jeep in a state with no hills or snow, decided to paint it neon green and add green LED lights to the wheel wells.

3.) The guy that lives in my low budget apartment complex yet drives a brand new $100,000 Mercedes Benz SUV.

2.) The 17-year-old that inherited his older brother’s orange Nissan 350Z with a cheap aftermarket exhaust that sounds like a hornet in a tin can, and hasn’t had its oil changed in 2 years. And really any cheap sport compact that’s 15 years old and sounds like a string trimmer, falls into this category.

1.) The people that still own a Hummer H2 and have decked it out like they plan on driving it into battle. This guy also likely owns a pair of yellow Oakley’s and jean shorts.

The Hummer H2

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