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Things in Movies that Drive You Nuts!

We asked our listeners to give us things that you see in movies and TV that drives you

When a couple wakes up in bed together, bathed in morning sunlight...they immediately start making out and going at it. Just once I’d like someone to get up and brush their damn teeth.

When the FBI shows up, the “local boys” get their parties in a wad, and then the FBI guys calmly say, “we’ve got it from here”. Do you think that happens in real life?

Speaking of cop movies, does every cop getting ready to retire have one more case that’s probably gonna kill him? how about saying, ya know what? No.

Oh, are any cops in film in a happy relationship or do they all have a bitter ex?

Here’s what our listeners came up with:

If a car goes over a cliff or hIt’s a wall, the explosion rivals a 747 with thousands of gallons of fuel exploding hundreds of feet in the air.

No matter where you are in the world it’s always snowing on Christmas.

Then there’s the woman who spent the entire night naked having sex with some guy, but the minute she gets up out of bed has to pull the sheet up off the bed and cover herself up. What’s up with that?

When the cops tap into a database they’ll say, “ give me a list of everyone with a K in their name that sat next to a left-handed kid in third grade in 1974” two seconds later they have all the results. come on give me a break.

DNA results come back immediately. Not in real life.

The streets are always wet in every movie or TV show, it must rain a lot in Hollywood

Bad guys can’t shoot straight for anything, good guys get punched, kicked and shot multiple times and they’re barely ever affected.

And God for bid somebody in a TV show or movie somewhere has a cell phone who’s battery is dead.

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