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Mike's Awful List of the Week: Awful Tattoos

The other weekend I was watching UFC 251 and once again I had to look at UFC featherweight, Max Holloway's terrible back tattoo... a giant set of angel wings. Or some kind of wings, who knows what the hell they're supposed to represent or signify, it doesn't matter, it looks awful. Especially on a guy that fights for a living. So anyway it got me thinking of the worst tattoos that you see all too often, (wings are included)...

Honorable mention: The Tasmanian Devil

12.) Celtic and tribal tattoos. (I'll throw the yin-yang and Sublime sun in this category as well.)

11.) Your name. (Especially in Olde English type.)

10.) Asian characters. (Writing, not like TV show characters.)

9.) Barbed wire. (Very big in the 90s.)

8.) The infinity symbol.

7.) Musical notes or the treble clef. (They don't look cool and never will.)

6.) Wings on the back.

5.) A dandelion blowing in the wind.

4.) The classic tramp-stamp butterfly.

3.) Flames up the forearm. (Similar to what you see on the hoods of old muscle cars.)

2.) The evil, psycho clown.

1.) Drama masks. (The theater, happy/sad masks side by side.)

Thank you to everyone that made suggestions on Twitter!

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