Karen Of The Day: Smoothie Karen

A fun pre-pandemic Karen encounter today! If you've got a tattoo, Smoothie Karen is definitely judging you. Thankfully, she filmed her own crazy for us.

From the video description:

Karen stopped at the smoothie place inside of a grocery store wanting to order. There was an issue they were experiencing so she was being issued a refund but that wasn’t enough so she began being rude to them prompting them to call her disrespectful and she began to record to document and send to the “district manager”. She is heard in the video saying “people with tattoos that’s what they do, they’re rude... Ghetto”. (via @crazykarens on IG)

Remember the 4 rules if you encounter a Karen (or Todd) in the wild:

  1. Remain calm. Bonus points for telling Karen to calm down.
  2. Call them Karen to their face.
  3. Film it!
  4. Share it with the Paul Castronovo Show: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

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