There's A New App Called 'Mole' That's Basically The Uber Of Spying

Photo: Getty Images / HollenderX2

Photo: Getty Images / HollenderX2

See anything without going anywhere.

There's a new app called Mole and it lets you hire anonymous strangers to work as your SPIES. You go on Mole and post that you want to see live video of a certain location. Then someone else on Mole who's near that location can get paid a few bucks to livestream it to you.

Do you want to see if the mall down the street is enforcing mask wearing before you head out to shop? Maybe check how crowded a restaurant is? Or even check up on your college age kid that doesn't let you track him with the Find My Friends app anymore. Mole can help you with that.

The app charges a minimum of $1.50 for the connection between mole and agent, then an additional 50 cents per minute for streaming. According to Avery Pack, the 42-year-old founder, Mole currently has over 5,000 users. The connection between mole and agent remains anonymous.

Find out more and take the app for a test drive HERE.