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PHOTOS: Paul's Thanksgiving Vacation

My annual Thanksgiving week off started off with tequila take out....

Told my buddy Emelio at Casa Maya in Deerfield Beach that I ordered take out, and he wanted me to taste multiple tequilas. I had to leave my car, and Gina came to pick me up. That’s day one. 

AJ and I ran our boat down to Marina Del Mar in Key Largo...didn’t catch much, a dolphin, a sailfish and lost a monster wahoo, it’s debatable as to whose fault it was.

Perfect Father Son wife needed a break from us too. Our plan was to catch fish and cook every night...but that didn’t work out. 

Rough Seas

Ok, it was really, rough...

TacoCraft in Victoria Park opened! Stop by and use my name, they’ll charge you double.

Castronovo family zoom party.

AJ after way too much Turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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