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Paul’s Hottest Takes of 2020!

Every Friday we collect the hottest takes from the show that week and debate them for a second time. After sifting though ALL of the most ridiculous ones from this past year, we've narrowed it down to Paul's hottest takes of 2020... (in chronological order).

-Paul thinks everyone still needs to have fine china for special occasions.

-Paul believes you should no longer wear a backpack once you graduate college.

-Paul thinks a woman shaving a perfectly good head of hair is potentially offensive to cancer survivors.

-Paul doesn’t believe you can “hike” in Florida.

-Paul thinks it’s rude to stand up amongst people sitting at a concert.

-Paul thinks chicken eggs are “meat.”

-Paul doesn’t think jalapenos belong on pizza.

-Paul doesn’t believe ketchup belongs on anything except burgers, fries and maybe a meatloaf sandwich.

-Paul doesn’t think the movie Groundhog Day is a ‘Time Travel’ movie…

-Paul believes that if a BBQ joint doesn’t serve cornbread, mac & cheese or greens than it’s not truly a BBQ joint.

-Paul thinks it is time to drop the neck time from the male wardrobe; it’s antiquated at this point.

-Paul thinks it’s creepy and weird to refer to the men’s restroom as the “little boys room.”

-Paul thinks that you should give your parents a card and gift on their anniversary.

-Paul doesn’t like Jason Statham movies.

-Paul doesn’t think mac & cheese should be a Thanksgiving side dish.

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