Paul Castronovo And The Search For Firewood In South Florida

Monday morning ramblings of a lunatic mind...

So I’m being proactive and decide, since it’s gonna be freezing over the weekend that I’m gonna go out and get firewood for my fire pit!

Publix is sold out. Lowe’s Nada. So I pull up to Fresh Market and they’ve got loads of it! I fill up the shopping cart and bring it to the cashier, she rings it up And says: that’ll be $483 dollars! I do a double take, “are you nuts?” It was $20 for 4 lousy logs !

I left the cart, and went home dejected only to learn that the guy who built my fire pit, Delray Garden Center delivers firewood!

Here’s my fire pit in Boca:

And here’s my fire pit in Maine:

Which one do you like better?