The Adventures Of AJ: We Have Rats

It’s not easy being a parent. You love ‘em, but sometimes you wanna kill ‘em. Case in point, my Son AJ…he went back to college this week, and while his Mom and I hate when he isn’t here, we gleefully helped him pack up his truck and sent him packing!

It’s hard to sleep when your kid is out all hours of the night, hanging with friends, etc. Hey, I get it…I was his age once and the thought of spending every night in front of the Tube with Mom and Dad watching nature documentaries was the last thing I could imagine doing…so I don’t blame him for going back…and it’s a lot easier for us when we don’t have to wonder where is he is where he is going at 2 am.

So he gets back to his nasty rental home in Gainesville that he shares with 3 other kids and says, “Dad, I can’t stay at my house”. Why you ask? “Rats”. All of them. They have taken over the place. They have been gone for a month and rats have taken over!

So now he is living on his friends couch, which I am sure is the best scenario when you have to study for various tests and exams. But what about the rat problem?

We pay rent, they have an exterminator, but with rat droppings and the place over run with them, shouldn’t the apartment management company be liable?