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Have COVID? You Could Get The Same Antibody Treatment As President Trump

Memorial Hospital Pembroke Chief Nursing Officer Dave Starnes

COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to rise and vaccines aren’t currently available to large segments of the population, but that doesn’t mean things are hopeless for those with the coronavirus.

Memorial Healthcare System is now offering monoclonal antibodies to COVID-19 patients who qualify (requirements below) to help minimize the progress of the disease and avoid hospitalization.  Memorial Hospital Pembroke has already provided these infusions to 240 patients who have high risk factors for developing severe COVID-19 symptoms and only four have subsequently required hospitalization.

Individuals need doctor’s prescription to participate in the antibody program at Memorial Hospital Pembroke. If someone meets the criteria, their primary care physician should fax/email the order (including symptoms and risk factors) along with a copy of the patient’s positive COVID-19 test to Memorial’s Centralized Scheduling. Appointments are then available Monday through Saturday.

“Everything points to a life-saving drug, because the results have been outstanding,” said David Starnes, Chief Nursing Officer, Memorial Hospital Pembroke.


Adult patients must weigh at least 88.19 lbs., have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 10 days, have mild to moderate symptoms and one additional criteria:

  • Body mass index more than or equal to 35
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Diabetes
  • Immunosuppressive disease OR receiving immunosuppressive treatment
  • People over 65
  • People over 55, and have underlying conditions such as obesity, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and immunodeficiency.

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