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Consider This Your Official Reminder To Clean Out The Fridge

Remember last spring when we all discovered cooking? Well, check the back of your fridge. There might still be some of it in there.

The average American has FIVE expired items stinking up their fridge right now, according to a new poll. And moldy leftovers are one of the most common culprits. The smelliest offenders also include broccoli, fish, and old fruit that's gone bad.

Here are five more stats from the study . . .

1. It takes an average of five weeks of something going bad in our fridge before we'll investigate the smell. Does this mean it's been smelling for five weeks? Or has it been there for five weeks and gone bad within the last few days? Because one of those options is understandable. One is hella gross.

2. Around two-thirds of people said they have more leftovers in their fridge now than they normally would. If the food was made during a health kick, there are leftovers. If the food was pizza, I ate it all and there are no leftovers.

3. The things that annoy us the most about forgotten leftovers are wasting food . . . the clean-up . . . the smell . . . and wasting time cooking when you had something you could just heat up. If you added up all the money I've wasted on wilted, slimy lettuce over the years I could have bought in on the GameStop craze and retired.

4. 48% of us have thrown out an entire container of leftovers . . . including the Tupperware . . . because it was too gross to wash. Confession: been there, done that.

5. The last time the average person cleaned out their fridge was in early September. Oh boy...that's not good. I say I'm going to clean out the fridge once a week. In reality I do it once a month, so my last deep clean was mid-January.

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