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Paul's Favorite Super Bowl Commercials of 2021

It was difficult to root for Brady as a lifelong Dolphin fan, but in the end…Old Guys Rule…now if he would just walk away….

I hope Tampa doesn’t become a Super Spreader town, but seeing the footage of the party’s after the game, it seems they ran out of masks on the west coast.

The Weeknd halftime performance? To quote our listener Judd Moore on Twitter: "That’s the first time I wanted the Weekend to end early!"

Here’s my top ten super bowl commercials!

#10. Cheetos! dirty fingers ad with Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. They were cute and I thought Shaggy's song was better than the Weeknds halftime!

#9. The soap ad for Dr Squatch…never heard of it, now I have to buy it.

#8. Waynes World...throwing Cardi B in was funny and it felt good to see them again.

#7. Michael B Jordan, sexy Amazon...I didn’t understand it, but it was funny.

#6. Flat Mathew McConnaughay Dorito’s ad…average until the end, and then I cracked up.

#5. T-Mobile: Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, really well done, not sure why I only have it at 5.

#4. GM: Will Ferrel trying to get to Norway ends up in Sweden, Like I said, he is just funny.

#3. Fake celebs for Mich Ultra Seltzer: The Fake Don Cheadle meets the real Don Cheadle!

#2. M&M’s: Dan Levy shows up at the end…and it mocks Karen’s.

#1. Jason Alexander's face on a Hoodie for Tide Pods. Don’t we all want that Hoodie?

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