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TV Theme Song Showdown - Round 2, Day 2

That's a wrap for week two of the Paul Castronovo Show TV Theme Song Showdown!

Cheers easily defeated Hawaii Five-0 with 72% of the vote, but our second showdown yesterday was down to the wire. At the time of this post I cannot predict who the winner is in the COPS vs Miami Vice matchup. There's talk of an automatic recount or a runoff election...we're in uncharted territory here. But that doesn't mean we can't start two new showdowns in the meantime....

[Update: With a voting surge in the last 90 seconds, Miami Vice beat out COPS with 51.1% of the vote.]

Every weekday we feature two matchups, with a voting period lasting 24 hours. Check out todays battles below and submit your vote via Twitter.

[Click here to view full size bracket]

Showdown #1 - Welcome Back Kotter vs The Addams Family:

Vote on Welcome Back Kotter vs The Addams Family here:

Showdown #2 - The Flintstones vs Greatest American Hero:

Vote on The Flintstones vs Greatest American Hero here:

Come back tomorrow to see who moves on to the next round, and vote in two new showdowns!

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