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Papa's Pilar Rum Fishing Report (4/16/21)

Paul Castronovo, Hectic Daze

Hey, it’s me...Castronovo...this time of year, if you fish from 5pm until sundown, there’s a really good chance you will catch a nice blackfin tuna. They come up to the surface at the end of the day, and if you happen to be in the right place, whether trolling or fishing live baits under the kite, you may get one. We didn’t...but we did get a slob kingfish 

RJ Boyle, Lighthouse Point

I was looking at the fish box when we got in the other day and couldn’t help but think about how good we have it. It is amazing that 1 mile off the beach you can catch all of the species seen here. Blackfin tuna, wahoo, skipjack tuna, kingfish and bonito are just a stones throw away.

I have been all over the world fishing and I can tell you from experience that we have a pretty darn good fishery right here in our backyard. The crazy thing is as I drive up and down the intercoastal waterway I noticed that most boats never move. There are millions and millions of people in South Florida and to be perfectly honest with you there’s relatively not much fishing pressure for the amount of people that live here. Most people judge fishing pressure from the days Saturday and Sunday. People don’t really realize that during the week there is relatively very little fishing pressure here. Many times we are the only boat out there!

A lot of people who shop at our store mention the fact that they just love being off land without the pressure of society and I got to say that I agree with him

For those of you who have boats and read this article but never bother to fish I would suggest giving it a go! You may just find that you really like trolling around out there and seeing a rod bend over with dinner on the end. 

If you’ve never fished I need some assistance let us know!

This weekends fishing should be great as we are in full swing on meat fish season. Take your pick from the picture above and go bend a rod.

Jimbo Thomas, Thomas Flyer

It's been good the last few days with good north current and blue water especially as you get to Fowey light south, kite fishing and drifting live herrings and sardines there have been quite a few double digit sailfish catches along with some big kingfish and blackfin tuna in depths from 90-200 ft

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