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The BIG Story - Jimmy Buffett Concerts Not Accepting Resold Tickets

Not sure that I’m a “Parrot Head” but I sure do love Jimmy Buffett. When you grow up boating, surfing and fishing in South Florida…that Island thing is in your blood. So when I heard that Jimmy was gonna do 4 shows in Delray Beach…right up the road from my house, I was like, “Hell yes!”

Lets face it, none of us have been to a show in forever, so this is the perfect scenario…then I started reading about how and where they were gonna do this, and that’s when I said, “What?”

The shows scheduled for early May at the Pavilion at Old School Square at first seemed cool and intimate…a grand total of 888 people for each show, but you have to buy a pod of four, and that’s when things got weird.

Most of the time you have to fight 20,000 lunatics when going to see Jimmy, but this would be different…or would it?

Apparently a bunch of dirt bags (ticket scalpers) bought a bunch of the tickets up and lots of Buffett fans bought them this way…and then the Old School Square people said, “Yeah, if you didn’t buy them from us…you can’t come in!”

What in the actual Fu&k? Why not? People spent up to ten grand on tickets and they are She$ out of luck?

Someone needs to make the right call here and fix this, and if they want to do something to spot scalping, make it illegal! Until then, relax and let people enjoy their first concert in forever!

Paul Castronovo

I did NOT get tickets, but I am looking.

PS…I have seen Jimmy Buffett a million times, but the coolest was at the Gusman Center in downtown Miami. Jimmy was there to do readings of his book, A Pirate Looks at 50. He sits down with the book and starts reading and then goes, “What am I doing?” Grabs his guitar and did an acoustic show just for us! Very cool.

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