1 In 3 People Admit To Only Washing Their Sheets Once A Year

A new UK poll, which could easily translate here, asked folks which items they wash only once a year or less frequently.

The item most likely to be washed about once a year is coats, with 38% of people admitting to that. That makes sense...you're not using it the entire year, you're not getting sweaty in it. We'll accept that.

On the gross scale, 30% of people actually say they wash their bed sheets only once a year. That's a whole lotta NOPE. Was this survey done exclusively at frat houses?? Changing your sheets is a weekly chore. If you're overwhelmed maybe you can skip one week, but that's it.

Here are some other items folks admitted to only washing once a year:

  • Blankets (36%)
  • Cushion covers (33%)
  • Scarves (28%)
  • Gloves (25%)
  • Hats (14%)
  • Hoodies (13%)

Photo: Canva Pro