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The Rock On Report: Unauthorized Merch, Missed Funerals & New Music

ZZ Top Perform at Place du Palais for Monaco Live Festival

Photo: Getty Images

It's no secret that death sells, but ZZ Top wants to put a stop to "unauthorized merchandise being sold on the internet purporting to celebrate the memory of [bassist] Dusty Hill.

They issued a statement saying, "It is our hope that all of you who cherish Dusty’s memory and love this band will honor Dusty by refraining to purchase any of these bootlegged goods. We further hope that you will inform others of this inappropriate and illegal behavior.”

Dusty died on July 28th in his sleep at home in a suburb of Houston. He was 72.

Phil Collins says there’ll be no more Genesis after the final date on The Last Domino tour on December 16th in Boston.

Plagued by numerous health issues, he says, “This English and American tour, that will be enough for me.”

Unfortunately, the tour, which has Phil’s son and Miami resident Nicholas on drums, is not coming to Florida. Their closest southern shows are in Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina on November 19th and 20th.

Genesis start their U.K. tour tonight in Birmingham, England, and the U.S. leg on November 15th in Chicago.

Speaking of health ailments, Elton John needs surgery following a fall over the summer that he says resulted in “considerable pain and discomfort in his hip.” As a result, he once again postponed his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour to next year with New Orleans the first date on January 19th.

The Rolling Stones In Concert - Miami, FL

Photo: Getty Images

The Rolling Stones reportedly did not attend the funeral of their drummer Charlie Watts. Due to COVID restrictions, they weren’t able to fly from the U.S. where they’re rehearsing for their tour back to England for the private funeral in Charlie’s hometown of Devon.

The 80-year old Watts died on August 24th from an undisclosed illness.

The Stones, with Steve Jordan on drums, start their tour Sunday in St. Louis.

Finally, during one of my chats with Queen’s Roger Taylor and Brian May, along with Adam Lambert, I asked if they’d consider recording new music.

RT: "I think one, we would need a couple of one or two killer songs. But I think it is a great idea given those songs.”
AL: "It's trickier than it actually sounds. ’Cause it’s like, what is it called? Is that Queen? Is that still what we're billing the tour as? Is it some new super group name?”
BM: “I think if the moment arrives. That’s the only answer you can give really. If a moment came [where] we thought, ‘Yes, we need to do this for this occasion.’ And here’s the song and here we are.”

The moment and song did arrive during their last U.S. tour, but Roger Taylor says Brian May “lost interest” … “We couldn’t decide on a title and the lyric felt a little too negative for Queen, maybe. But it was pretty damn good, and I hope it comes to light.”

Queen's last album of original material was 2008's The Cosmos Rocks with Paul Rodgers on vocals.

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