Papa's Pilar Rum Fishing Report (10/15/21)

Take Your Pick Offshore!

The fishing for swordfish and mahi-mahi is absolutely off the chain right now! If you get time this weekend you need to take your own boat or charter somebody to take you offshore. We caught three swordfish with the Genoni family on a trip earlier this week and we have been out there every day catching fish and filling freezers. The bite has been in the afternoon when the moon rises. It is so crazy how the moon truly affects swordfish and the bite pattern. A rising moon is one of the best times to get a bite from a swordfish. The best of the sword action has been deep out to 1850 feet of water.

Photo: RJ Boyle

The mahi-mahi have been extraordinarily large this week with fish up to 25 pounds being caught every day. The best of the action for mahi-mahi has been outside of 800 feet of water. Lots of floating debris and seaweed. There are so many patches of weed that sometimes it’s difficult to fish so don’t be afraid to run around from patch to patch. I would suggest buying some live pilchards or bringing live bait of some sort to give yourself a better chance of catching a big dolphin.

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  • RJ Boyle

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