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Paul Castronovo Musings: Self Isolation, Day 5

Has it been a week? Nope. It’s the end of day 5 and here I am again. On the couch, writing to you. But I’ve had a revelation:

Today was Sunday, I did the same thing today that I did the day before, and aside from work on Friday and tomorrow, I’ll be doing the same thing over and over. It’s Groundhog Day...

Woke up around 8, had a cup of coffee, read some Coronavirus headlines, brought my wife a cup, Made us some Avocado toast because we are so trendy, I went to the grocery store to pick up some eggs and ended spending $177 on stuff, because I didn’t think there would be ‘anything’ and aside from paper goods, there was ‘everything’ but frozen vegetables (except Kale. There’s plenty of frozen Kale...apparently the act of freezing Kale doesn’t make it any better).

Got home, unpacked the groceries, did a light workout, piddled around the yard a bit, jumped in the pool and came inside for some lunch. After that, I watched a movie, made a few phone calls, for two amazon deliveries, watched some news, screwed around on line and cooked dinner. My revelation? This is what retirement is like! And ya know what? I don’t Fuc&ing like it.

My Stupid Home Gym

Someone better figure something out quick, I’m gonna run out of war movies to watch!

So far I watched, 13 Hours, Hunter Killer, Midway, and a non war movie about a super model turned assassin, Anna. I also binge watched The Stranger. Yes, I’m losing it.

But I do have a nice tan going, and I made a helluva a meal tonight!

Pan Seared Chicken with Sweet Peppers
Farro Salad With Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Feta

PS while I don’t like the boat ramps shut down, it’s your own fault. They said not to hang out in big groups, now you can’t. I saw more idiots online rafting up this weekend in groups of hundreds! Are they that selfish? Btw, is fishing recreational boating?

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